Museum Notes 6-28-2012

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MUSEUM NOTES 6-28-2012

As we focus on the design and content of our Exhibit Redesign Project, we are also focusing on important items the museum does not have such as books relating to our area and the panhandle.  The museum’s library is pretty bare and does not have several books that have become important references to our area.  For example, we do not have Memory Cups of Panhandle Pioneers by Millie Jones Porter or any publications by Father Stanley.  Therefore, we are requesting any books of historical significance to the panhandle especially Father Stanley’s Rodeo Town; Canadian, Texas which was printed in 1953.  Your family may have copies of these books up on the shelf that haven’t been read in years.  If so, we would really appreciate your consideration in donating them to the museum’s library.  Please call 323-6548 if you would like to donate a book.



Bones Hooks: Pioneer Negro Cowboy by Bruce G. Todd is the newest book in our gift shop.  In sorting through our historic photographs, I came across a photograph of a Bones Hooks and was interested in finding out more about who this man was.  When searching the name on the internet I came across this book about Bones Hooks’ life in the Panhandle.  Mathew “Bones” Hooks left home at the early age of twelve, the son of former slaves, to make his way as a rough-and-tumble cowboy.  However, being a cowboy wasn’t the only thing Bones was successful at.  Bones grew up to be a leader, of the civic and social nature, in Amarillo.  As you read the pages of this book, you will find that Bones made quite an impact in his 83 years as “he was the first black man to sit on a grand jury in the Texas Panhandle…..founded the first black church in the region and established North Heights, a community for black homeowners.”   Bones also played an important role as “Range Boss” of the Dogie Club which was an organization formed for young underprivileged black males.  Bones Hooks was highly respected man which was evident at his funeral in 1951 as “citizens of all races paid him the honor he was due”.  Stop by our gift shop to inquire about this new book and the numerous other books we have.



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