Museum Notes 9-27-2021

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This week, September 30th and October 2nd, the Canadian Arts Alliance is presenting their annual dinner theater performance in the museum’s gallery room. If you haven’t seen the flyer yet, check out it out, I look fabulous in it! This is the second time the CAA has held their dinner theater in the museum and it’s the second time I have participated as a cast member. Both of my characters have been “hot messes” so I’m not sure if I’m being type casted or if acting like a hot mess comes naturally to me. Either way, I have had lots of fun.

What amazes me is how deep community theater runs in the historic veins of Canadian. The Canadian Dramatic Club was founded in 1895. It performed plays to help raise money to build the old two-story wooden lodge for the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs (the Salon on Main is located where the old lodge once stood). Canadian Dramatic Club’s first play was A Patriotic Drama in Two Acts; One Hundred Years Ago, or Our Boys of 1776 by George M. Baker. It was performed in the old wooden courthouse on Saturday evening, April 3, 1895 (the current courthouse was built in 1909). That first cast of local performers included Jim Winsett, Judge Reece Ewing, Ansley Winsett, Bob Wood, D.J. Young, H.E. Hoover, Annie Baker, Capitola Gerlach, J.E. Thompson, Emma Ewing, and Ed Montgomery.

Let’s not forget about former superintendent, William Alonzo Stigler. He served the Canadian schools from 1918 to 1921. He went on to do many great things in the name of education in Texas. However, in his spare time, Stigler wrote poetry and plays. In the fall of 1920, his play The Touch Devine was performed by local talent to raise money for the Parent-Teacher Association. Another one of his plays, Tootsie’s Husband, was performed by the Canadian high school seniors in May 1921, as a tribute to Stigler shortly after he left Canadian to complete his master’s degree.

Like I said, community theater runs deep in Canadian. Help keep this tradition going by attending one of the three showings next week. Call 806-239-4632 to reserve your seat.

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