Museum Notes 6-21-2012

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MUSEUM NOTES 6-21-2012

On Monday construction workers arrived to begin renovations to the gift shop and lobby area.  We are excited to see changes taking place.  Our designer for the renovation project, Dr. Bill Green, was here Tuesday, today and plans to be here tomorrow as well to continue with his research on Hemphill County and Canadian and to keep a close eye on the work being done in the lobby area.  The transformation of the lobby/gift shop area will be just a tiny piece of the overall renovation and will be a charming improvement to the entrance with a tin ceiling, oak floors and period chandeliers.  I’ll do my best to keep you posted on the changes and progress being made.



Due to the inside of the museum being under construction, much to our regret, we will not be hosting the Sage Brush Painter’s Art Show this year during the July 4th celebrations.  As of right now, we do plan to be open from 1-5pm on July 4th.  We will continue to keep our doors open as much as possible during the week however, we will not be open on Saturdays throughout most of the renovation process.  Our plans for holding a Summer Day Camp have also been put on hold pending the stages of the renovation.  If possible, we may look at holding a camp towards the end of July or in early August.  We will keep you posted on hours and camps as this process continues to evolve.


RVPM Letter To The Editor: 

For the past 18 months the River Valley Pioneer Museum (RVPM) administration has made plans to update and upgrade the 25 year old museum exhibit design.  Although we have solicited donations from the public as well as major contributing entities, sufficient funding for this ambitious project has been slow to materialize. The funds that have been raised by RVPM will be utilized for portions of our exhibit redesign and upkeep of technology and exhibits.

The RVPM has recently been given the opportunity to participate in a partnership with the Canadian Independent School District and Hemphill County to fund the improvements to the RVPM exhibits.  Presently, Hemphill County owns the land and the building that houses the museum.  The mechanics of this partnership include the purchase of real property from the County by CISD, CISD will fund improvements to the museum exhibits, and the County will then pay CISD a “Use Fee” for the building.  This transaction will equate to a 50 percent recapture of already taxed school district funds that would otherwise be sent to Austin.  More importantly for the museum, this transaction provides an opportunity for the museum to proceed with the transformation of the exhibits in order to provide a better representation of the history of Hemphill County and to make all of the information and resources we possibly can available to all in our community.  The RVPM board is confident that being a part of this partnership will be a win-win-win for the museum, the school, the county and the community.

The River Valley Pioneer Museum will continue to function as a 501(c)3 nonprofit, tax-exempt organization depending on charitable contributions from the public and will not be owned and/or operated by CISD.  The RVPM will continue to rely heavily on donations, memberships and the community’s participation and support of fundraisers and events to fund our operating budget.  Although we are a yearly line item expense in Hemphill County’s budget, we are not owned or operated by the county.  The museum is its own private entity.  We are making this statement at the very beginning of this process in order to do our best to inform the members of this community how this partnership will work and to attempt to avoid any confusion over the agreement between Hemphill County, Canadian Independent School District and the River Valley Pioneer Museum.

The RVPM board members are convinced that when completed the new exhibits will more accurately tell the story of Canadian and the Hemphill County area.  The use of high-tech, motivational, and interactive exhibits will fulfill educational needs of area school children.  We are very confident that this Exhibit Redesign Project will attract more visitors to our museum and our community.

The River Valley Pioneer Museum appreciates the generosity and support of all those who have made past donations to the museum.  We ask that you please continue with your memberships, attending and supporting our fundraising endeavors, and your financial assistance to ensure the successful operation of our wonderful museum.

Cory Pittman, John McGarr, Jamie Lovvorn, Suzie Anderson, Matt LeFever, Kris Richardson, Tricia Mitchell, Laurie Hale and Nathan Smith


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