Museum Notes 11-10-2011

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MUSEUM NOTES 11-10-2011

rvpm_newsletter_intropicDONATED PHOTOGRAPH

Have old pictures or postcards of the Canadian area you just don’t know what to do with?  Or pre-1970’s CHS year books?  How about donating them to your local RVPMuseum!  Old photographs, postcards, letters and year books are extremely valuable to preserving our history.  These types of items can be used in our exhibits to tell a story, are useful for research, education and genealogy.   Below is a recently donated photograph which we are delighted to have.  Do you recognize what the photograph is of?



Most of the people who have seen it didn’t realize where it was taken.  This wonderful photograph is of our beautiful Lake Marvin area.  We are not sure of the exact date the photo was taken so we’d like your help in pinning the date down.  If, by looking at the cars, you can pinpoint a date for us, please call and let us know.  Lake Marvin is a wonderful area and has been around for well over half a century.  It is sure to have created a lot of wonderful and irreplaceable memories for grandparents, parents and children, who have fished, swam, and camped on its grounds over the years.  We’d like to know more about this beautiful part of our area so we invite you to share your stories of Lake Marvin with us.  If you have fond memories of Lake Marvin and would like to share them, please write your thoughts down or give us a call at 806-323-6548. 

The RVPMuseum will be closed tomorrow, Friday, November 11th in observance of Veteran’s Day.  Have a safe Veteran's Day weekend.

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