Museum Notes 12-02-2020

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This Saturday, we continue our tradition of free ornament crafts. We will be open 10am-12pm. One of our wonderful board members, Paula Forrest, assembled 50 Pinecone Reindeer Ornament kit bags for us to hand out. We thank you Paula! Due to COVID-19, it will be a little different this year. Instead of visitors coming inside to make ornaments, we will be outside handing kits to the first 50 children. When we run out of kits, we will pass out activity sheets. We will have tables and chairs outside for those who want to make their ornaments that day, but none inside. The museum will be open for those who want to tour the exhibits between 10am-12pm.

It has taken us some time, but we have completed our first educational trunk, Pioneer and Ranching. Elizabeth and I are very excited about this trunk. We have put in several hours researching, writing, and preparing information papers and worksheets. Since we cannot get into the schools right now due to COVID-19, this month we will prepare videos of us, in our pioneer dresses, explaining and using the items gathered and purchased for the trunk. If you have any old skeins of yarn lying around, we will take them for our yarn doll crafts. You can bring them inside to us or you can leave them outside our door. If you are unable to leave your home, we will come to you. Just call us at 323-6548 to make arrangements.


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