Museum Notes 11-26-2020

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We are thankful that we have made it to Thanksgiving! This infamous year of 2020 is almost over, thank goodness! I would like to share a historic Thanksgiving theme artifact to commemorate the holiday. This postcard was mailed in 1909 to Clyde Cannedy in Canadian from Fannie Shaw in Cataline. Clyde’s family moved to Canadian sometime before 1909. His father, Jacob Cannedy, was a rural mail carrier for the Post Office. Clyde worked for Matthews Lumber and Santa Fe Railroad until around 1915. The Cannedy Family moved with Santa Fe to Emporia and later to Topeka, Kansas. In 1909, Clyde was 14 years old. I cannot find Fannie Shaw in any historical records that I know to search. There were Shaws living in rural Hemphill County around that time, perhaps Cataline, but no mention of Fannie. So, was Fannie a nickname? How did they know each other? Were Clyde and Fannie friends from school or were they kin to each other? I’m not sure. But, I do know that Fannie had a sense of humor, because she tells Clyde that the front of the postcard is her with her turkey.

The museum will be closed November 26th-30th. Have a safe and wonderful holiday!



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