Museum Notes 11-20-2020

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We received a very exciting collection of postcards from Lee Grubbs last week. These are not any ordinary postcards; these postcards once belonged to Julius Caesar (J.C.) Born himself. The majority of the postcards were blank and never used. Some were sample postcards sent to him by advertisers wanting him to sell in his store. Some were from his family to him. Some were from J.C. to his wife, Agnes. Many of the postcards depict scenes from Chattanooga, Tennessee, which is where J.C. was born and raised. Some were photographic postcards with views of Canadian in the early 1900s. One postcard sent to J.C. was written in German. There is even one small sealed envelope from Christmas 1909; it’s never been open and I wonder what is written inside. It’s a mystery! This collection of postcards tells us so much about an iconic early Canadian merchant and photographer. He could read and maybe speak German. He was a beloved family member as his nieces, nephews, brother and sister wrote to him often and lovingly referred to him as “Youlie.” When his sister became ill and died in 1920, J.C. was with her. He wrote to his wife who stayed behind in Canadian to update Agnes about his sister’s condition and when she died. Thank you Lee Grubbs for sharing these treasures with us!



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