Museum Notes 10-8-2020

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I am very excited to announce that the museum has two programs coming up soon! On Sunday, September 13th, at 1pm, I was a grown woman, out of college, before I purchased my first cell phone, that’s how old I am. It could receive or send phone calls. It could not text, it did not have a camera, and it definitely did not have internet. It was NOT a smart phone. It was a bit of a novelty really. I rarely used it and I turned it off at night. It didn’t make sense to keep it on overnight when people could call me on my landline. Heck, I often forgot it at home when I would go out. It just was not that important to have on me at all times. Fast forward a couple of decades, it pains me to write that, and I cannot fathom NOT having my cell phone on me at all! I guess you could say I have a bit of “nomophobia,” the fear of being without a mobile device or not being able to use it. Nomophobia comes from the term “no mobile phone phobia.” Symptoms include anxiety caused by a loss of a mobile phone, loss of reception, or a dead battery. Also, face-to-face interactions are replaced with a preference for communication through the phone, think text messages. People with nomophobia keep their mobile phones within reach, even when sleeping, frequently look at their phone screen to avoid missing messages, phone calls, or notifications, and they never turn their mobile phones off. How many of you suffer from a little nomophobia? This is one of several phobias identified in our October only temporary exhibit, Creepy Things from the Collection.


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