Museum Notes 9-29-2020

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I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked, “is the museum haunted?” or “aren’t you scared working there?” or “have you ever seen anything weird?” I always respond with, “no, I don’t think the museum is haunted, but I do believe that some artifacts have memories.” I have been with the museum almost four years now. I have come in to work in the wee hours of the morning and have worked late several times. I have not seen a ghost and most of the strange noises are from the building settling or shaking from the oversized loads passing by outside on Highway 60. Yet, I have had one, shall we call it, incident that I will share with you.

In my first year, I put together a small doll display. We don’t have an exorbitant doll collection, but enough to for a small temporary display. I included several Barbie dolls, paper dolls from around the world, a beautiful doll house, and a large doll size crib. While the crib was in storage, I had found a scary looking stuffed monkey and Raggedy Ann doll sitting inside it. I put the stuffed monkey into an artifact box as I did not want to scare children and I made a special perch to set Raggedy Ann on above the crib in the display case. Raggedy Ann did not like her perch. The perch was stable and flat and there was no reason why the doll could not stay up there. Yet, every day, sometimes several times a day, Raggedy Ann would fall off her perch into the crib. I did everything I could think of to make Raggedy Ann stay on her perch, everything! But, she did not want to be there. I relented and put her in the crib where I found her and she didn’t move for the rest of the display.

I tell you about this incident to announce our new October temporary exhibit, “Creepy Things from the Collection.” We have brought out our coffin, a fan favorite of children from the 1990s. We also explore different types of phobias with artifacts from the collection and several JC Born photographs. We even brought out the scary looking stuffed monkey and Raggedy Ann doll. I made Raggedy Ann another perch; she didn’t make 24 hours before she decided to she didn’t want to be up there. She’s in my office right now. I’m going to try to make her perch work this month, but I guess we’ll see. I think her memory wants her to be somewhere else.


Two weeks ago I wrote that Tiffany McMordie-Morisak purchased a Memorial Membership for her father, the late Frank Foster “Mac” McMordie III. The Memorial Membership was made by Tiffany and her brother, Frank F. McMordie IV. My apologies to Frank for not including him in the article.

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