Museum Notes 8-26-2020

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MUSEUM NOTES: August 26, 2020

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Pioneer and Ranching education trunk! On Monday, I stopped by the post office to check our mail and was welcomed with an overflowing cart of boxes and packages. It barely fit into my little car! Your generosity helps make our education outreach a success!

Educational programs have always been important to Canadians, even 100 years ago. In August of 1920, Canadian hosted a traveling adult education program called the Chautauqua. The Chautauqua was a popular adult educational movement in rural towns during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Entertainers, speakers, teachers, musicians, and preachers traveled as a group from town to town. This program was so successful and wide-spread that former president Theodore Roosevelt called the Chautauqua “the most American thing in America.”

The 5-day Chautauqua program in 1920 included musicians, lecturers, and a play. The musical talent included a symphony; a mix quartet of men and women singers; a violinist and a cellist; and a soprano from the Chicago Grand Opera Company. Canadians listened to several lectures titled, “The Prophesy of the Present Unrest,” “Saving the Victory,” “More Taffy and Less Epitaphy,” and “The Passing of the Old and Coming of the New.” The play was an Irish love story, “Peg O’ My Heart,” by J. Hartley Manners with a New York production crew and cast. This was a real treat for Canadians as it was the first time to be presented on the Chautauqua that year! The admission for the day or night programs varied from 50cents for adults and 22cents for children to $1 for adults and 50cents for children.


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