Museum Notes 8-04-2020

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MUSEUM NOTES: August 4, 2020

Elizabeth and I are getting the museum ready for the new school year. We are in the process of creating an education trunk about Pioneers and Ranchers. We have reproduced selected photographs from our collection so students can see and learn about real pioneers and ranchers from Hemphill County. We also pulled items from the collection that represent the pioneer lifestyle for hands-on learning. In addition, we have added games and school work that pioneer children would have played and learned. Some very generous local residents have donated replica dresses, bonnets, and aprons for the school children to try on, thank you Mandy Flowers and Shannon Caseltine! However, we could really use help in procuring some more clothing. We would like to have 2-3 more replica pioneer dresses in different sizes that girls could try on. We would also like to have some replica pioneer men’s clothing too. We already have a cowboy hat and two pairs of boots, but we would love to add pants and work shirts. If any of you are interested in donating or purchasing these items to help the museum teach children about pioneers and ranchers, please call or come inside to talk to me (806-323-6548).


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