Museum Notes 7-23-2019

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MUSEUM NOTES: July 23, 2019


We had a wonderful turnout for Ruth Rogers Beasley’s book reading this past Saturday afternoon! At least 43 people showed up for this event, almost 15 people more than we expected and we had to quickly bring out more chairs to accommodate everyone. On behalf of the Board of Directors, we thank Ruth and her husband Terry for traveling from their home in Tecumseh to come share Millie Jones Porter’s stories and we thank everyone for braving the extreme heat to come listen to Ruth and sharing their own stories. We have only a few more of Ruth’s books left in our gift shop for sale. If you haven’t purchased your copy yet, don’t wait too long!

We are hoping someone can help us find a good image of the original architectural drawing of the Edward Abraham Memorial Home. We are preparing a text panel about the importance of the nursing home when it opened its doors in 1964 and would prefer to use the original sketch on the text panel. We have looked through all of the blueprints at the Edward Abraham Memorial Home, the Hemphill County Library, and the Hemphill County Courthouse. We contacted all of the Abraham family members, and even spoke to the very elderly widow of the architect who was hired in the early 1960s to build the nursing home. So far, none of these avenues have produced the original or a better image than this one from the newspaper. If you have an idea where it might be or a good image of the sketch that we can scan, please call us at 806-323-6548.




In two weeks, we will box up and send this exhibit back to Humanities Texas. If you haven’t come seen it, now is the time to do so!


On May 10th, the Shamrock Kindergarten class visited us. It was interesting and a bit of a challenge for us as they were our first kindergarten age group to come through. However, we must have done our jobs correctly, because one young’un begged his grandparents to bring him back. He dragged his little brother and his grandparents all through the museum showing them what he had learned. He remembered Elizabeth teaching them about one-room schoolhouses of the past and he remembered me “screaming” at them during my military presentation (I give them a taste of what it’s like in Basic Training and how to say and use Hooah correctly). He kept going on and on how much fun he had that day at the museum. He even watched our first video four times. I’m so very proud and happy that we made such an impression on that young mind and that he had FUN at a small history museum.  


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