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In May 1919, Scout Master W.A. Stigler (superintendent of Canadian Schools) and Assistant Scout Master Alva Shaller (WWI Navy veteran) organized Troop 1.

That same month, Troop 1 led the automobile parade on the D.C.D. (Dallas-Canadian-Denver) Highway as it rode through Canadian.

The following year, Troop 1 participated in Canadian’s First Memorial Day Ceremony in May 1920. Troop 1 marched with Veterans from WWI, Spanish American War, Indian Wars, and the Civil War, beginning from the Santa Fe Station to the cemetery.

By 1927, enough boys had joined to start a second troop. Local businessmen were very supportive of the boy scouts. In 1928, when local scouts attended camp at Camp Carl Freeman, Rotary Club members went to visit the boys. Also, by 1928, five Canadian boys earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

In 1929, Troop 3 was organized. In June that same year, Troops 1, 2, and 3, participated in the flag unfurling when Captain Billy Dixon was reinterred at Adobe Walls. Captain Dixon is a legend in the Texas Panhandle with a strong connection to Hemphill County, to learn more, by all means, please come the museum.

In February 1935, Boy Scouts of America turned 25 years old, and all troops celebrated Boy Scouts week. Locally, Boy Scouts took over city official positions, including Mayor, city commissioners, city secretary, fire chief, assistant fire chief, fire marshal, chief of police, police officers, city inspectors, city electrician, city engineers, water superintendent, and more. This tradition continued in Canadian well into the 1950s.

In 1939, Troops 1, 2, and 3 were re-registered as Troop 71, with Scout Master Tom Abraham, along with 9 adult leaders and 32 boys. In 1961, Rush Snyder Jr. achieved Eagle Scout Rank and Eagle Scout Bill King received his 3rd Silver Pin. Yet, in June of 1961, Troop 71 was disbanded due to a lack of adult leadership. It took over a year for Troop 71 to re-group and re-activate in October 1962.

In 1979, Troop 271 was organized and chartered and there has been a Troop or Pack 271 ever since.

This picture was taken in the mid to late 1930s. Some of the boys in the photograph are identified as Maurice Bernson (1920-1998), George Tubb (1924-1998), James Hutcheson Jr. (1923-1993), Charles Wright (1923-1975), Dallas Callaway (1927-2015), and Jimmy Reed (1925-1946). It appears that the man in the middle marked Fickey is the Scout Leader, and note that not only is he carrying a side arm, but so is one of the scouts!



Mark your calendars! Page L. Steed is coming back on Wednesday, June 12th, 12-1pm. Her second luncheon presentation will focus on suggestions for doing photography while hiking. She will provide tips on what to take and what to expect based upon her own experiences. This will be your last chance to see this exhibit, as she will start taking down her prints later that afternoon. Luncheon, tea and water will be provided. 


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