Museum Notes 11-05-2018

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The Fall Foliage Festival was a huge success for the museum. Total signatures in the guest book were three hundred forty-seven, with forty-four beautiful quilts on display. Among all these quilts, visitors were faced with the task of voting for a favorite. Helen Helton Lockhart, showing her Cathedral Quilt, was the all-around winner earning bragging rights.

Volunteers brave enough to face the crowd were: Sue Lynn Krehbiel, Sue Cox, April Dillon, Ilene Floyd, Jan’et Schaef, Susan Caudle, and Jeri Pundt.
Canadian ISD students stepping up to the plate as volunteers were: Savanna Innis, Lauren Ridens and Brooke Walser. Volunteers make our job easier; you are appreciated more than you know.

For those of you who have not picked up your quilt, they are ready to go. Let us know if we need to bring them to you. .

Last Friday, fifth-grade students from Forrest Hill Elementary out of Amarillo, toured the museum. Each class was directed to three different stations. Ilene Floyd focused on American Indians, Paula Forrest enlightened students about one-room schoolhouses, and Wendy Wright brought her military gear, explaining what each item was used for, and informing students about local veterans.

To finish off their visit, students participated in a scavenger hunt.

As we enter in to November and December, our main focus will be the Smithsonian Institute Museum on Main Street traveling exhibit called Hometown Teams.

Hometown Teams examines the many roles that sports play in American society. Sports shape our lives, unite us as communities, and celebrate who we are as Americans.

When sports are mentioned, most think of football or basketball; these certainly bring a crowd to the stadium or auditorium. Sports also include games played on the playground or in your back yard, rodeo, band, softball, baseball, the list is endless.

Events are in the planning stages, information will be provided in the near future. Plan on joining us as we celebrate Hometown Teams.



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