Museum Notes 8-28-2018

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Discover History At Canadian River Valley Pioneer Museum!

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Have you ever watched the Amazing Race? If not, this is a brief explanation. The Amazing Race is a reality show where teams of two race around the world in competition with other teams. Contestants strive to arrive first at each “Pit Stop”. At each destination, teams compete in a series of challenges. When each team completes their tasks (mental or physical), they are given an envelope revealing the next destination. The first team to complete all tasks, and arrive at the final destination wins. Just recently the facility of Canadian ISD competed in a similar race around Canadian. The museum was a pit stop, where each team was faced with a very difficult scavenger hunt (created by Wendy Wright). Completing this task, teachers raced to the next location. Not only was this very amusing to watch, but also gave us the opportunity to show off our local museum. As a result, teachers realized the museum has much to offer, and are beginning to schedule classroom tours.




The museum is excited to announce local residents, Ronda Bartlett and Lauren Haley, as the next artist to show in the museum gallery. Both are very talented artist and will display an amazing show. Dates for showing will be the beginning of next week, through the end of October.

Fall foliage is right around the corner, and we are beginning to plan our annual quilt show. This event continues to be very popular, and is open to anyone. If you have not shown your quilt before, consider doing so. As the date draws near, we will provide more information.

The museum will host a Smithsonian Institute Museum on Main Street traveling exhibit called Hometown Teams. Hometown Teams examines the many roles that sports play in American society. Local sports (football, basketball, softball, rodeo, band, track, etc...) are more than just games or contest; they shape our lives and unite us as we celebrate who we are as Americans. Canadian is one of seven Texas towns, and by far the smallest, selected to host this amazing show. Hometown Teams will be on exhibit at the River Valley Pioneer Museum beginning November 27th thru December 19th. This is an amazing opportunity for educators as they prepare lesson plans and schedule field trips. Students are encouraged to become involved in oral history projects, photography contests and much more. Our hope is that Canadian and surrounding residents will partake in this awesome exhibit.



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